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RBM E-Newsletter [April 2012]

World Malaria Day is fast approaching. RBM's Princess Astrid lobbies Asian leaders to boost investment in malaria and step up in the fight against disease resistance. Hong Kong stars Janice and Jill Vidal put malaria in the spotlight. RBM partners in Singapore focus on research for developing new malaria treatments. RBM spreads awareness about malaria in 101 facts on Twitter and Facebook.

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World Malaria Day in social media

RBM partners have brought the fight against malaria to social media, telling stories, asking questions, sharing resources and planting the seed of advocacy for positive change across the worldwide web. This month RBM has launched Malaria101 - a campaign to increase interest in and knowledge about the global fight through sharing one hundred and one basic facts about malaria in social media.

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 Partner spotlight

DFID to fund winning proposals for health research

Developing new technologies to address diseases of poverty is at the heart of a competition DFID launched earlier this month to boost health research. While the competition is open to all areas of work, malaria drugs, in particular for P. vivax and malaria in pregnancy, diagnostics and insecticides are topics of particular interest. Applications are being accepted until April 23 2012.

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 What we're reading

Estimates of child deaths prevented from malaria prevention scale-up in Africa 2001-2010

Funding for malaria prevention in Africa over the past decade has had a substantial impact on decreasing child deaths due to malaria. The LiST model estimates that 842,800 (uncertainty: 562,800-1,364,645) child deaths have been prevented across 43 malaria-endemic countries in Africa, compared to year 2000. The impact in 2010 is estimated to be biggest, with a 24.4% decrease in malaria-caused child deaths, compared to a scenario of no scale-up of prevention interventions beyond 2000 coverage levels. ITNs accounted for 99% of the lives saved.

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The RBM E-Newsletter is a forum to share malaria news and resources. If you have a submission for the newsletter, please contact us.

The E-Newsletter is produced by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, which brings together more than 500 private and public sector partners to mobilize coordinated action against malaria worldwide.




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