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Global Subsidy for ACTs Agreed in Amsterdam

Experts and policy makers agreed on 19 January that a global subsidy for artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) should be put into place as soon as possible to make effective malaria treatments affordable and accessible to all. Hosted by the Dutch Government, the high level RBM Finance and Resources Working Group meeting included representatives from GFATM, PMI, WB, UNITAID, WHO, UNICEF and the Gates Foundation as well as endemic and donor countries, foundations, NGOs and the private sector. It was anticipated that the resources required to back such a subsidy (between US$ 80-100million in 2008 and around US$ 250m yearly from 2009 onwards) could be secured before 2008 and that potential risks, such as market distortion, could be mitigated by ongoing and effective monitoring.

For more info refer to summary conclusions, to the summary of the breakout groups and to the presentations by the 1972 Nobel prize winner Economy Professor Ken Arrow, by the World Bank, by Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) and by the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi).

A Well-Coordinated Child Survival Campaign for Rwanda

The delivery of long-lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs), during a measles vaccination campaign last September, has proven to be a cost effective way to rapidly increase coverage and protect under five year old from malaria. The integrated campaign has been successful in all aspects - from financing, procurement and custom clearance, through estimation needs, transportation, secure storage, and crowd management during distribution. 1.3 million nets were distributed to 2000 vaccination points nationwide.

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2nd CARN Annual Meeting, 19 January, Gabon

The RBM sub-regional Network of Partners for Central Africa (CARN) met in Libreville, Gabon on 19 January 2007. This meeting was an opportunity to update partners on recent developments within the partnership and to develop the annual joint workplan in support of countries. The meeting also outlined best strategies and actions for a coordinated implementation of priorities. The improvement of countries' performance in absorbing current Global Fund and other grants as well as gap analysis and validation of existing country business plans are pressing issues. A RBM focal point is hosted by WHO in Gabon.

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2nd RBM Harmonization Working Group Meeting, 15 - 16 January, Geneva

The meeting focused on developing a 2007 plan to help countries make the required impact to roll back malaria. The plan indicates how to move proven interventions to scale. More specifically it identifies terms of references for country validation missions and outlines a country support strategy for Global Fund Round 7 proposals. Missions are planned to Mozambique, Zambia and other countries.

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Malaria Advocacy Working Group (MAWG), 10 - 11 January, London

This first meeting of the RBM Partnership's MAWG focused on developing a 2007 workplan to ensure "joined-up" advocacy efforts and dissemination of accurate information on global resource allocations in order to support the malaria community in its battle and enable greater accountability by both donors and implementers. The need for joint advocacy around Africa Malaria Day was emphasized and a task team appointed to work in collaboration with WHO-AFRO on strategy and theme for AMD 2007.

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Multi-Partner Validation Mission to Mozambique, 22-31 January, Maputo, Mozambique

A multi-partner (WHO, UNICEF, The World Bank, USAID) 'gap analysis and validation' mission to Maputo, Mozambique was organized by the RBM Harmonization Working Group 22-31 January. The mission consulted extensively with the National Malaria Control Programme and International and national RBM partners and conducted a review of the strategic plan and gap analysis. The mission resulted in an 'Aide Memoire' agreed by RBM partners and the National Malaria Control Programme that outlines mission recommendations, next steps and assigns responsibilities for follow-up.

Southern African Regional Network Meeting, 22-24 Feb, Tanzania

The Southern African Roll Back Malaria Network (SARN) will hold its first meeting, 22-23 February 2007 in Dar es Salaam.

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