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Roll Back Malaria Executive Director and HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium visit United Republic of Tanzania to encourage more action against malaria

Roll Back Malaria Executive Director and HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium

30 September, Dar es Salaam - Dr Coll-Seck spoke to local and international journalists at a visit to a Tanzanian school. The Executive Director of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership reminded the world that "by stealing young lives, causing long-term neurological damage in children, and increasing rates of absenteeism among school children and their teachers, malaria is striking vicious, debilitating blows at Africa's most vulnerable population, and its most precious resource. Children are our future".
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Finalizing the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Harmonized Workplan

Finalizing the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Harmonized Workplan

12-13 September, Geneva - The Working Group co-chairs, partners from sub-regional networks, chair of the Executive Committee, and members of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Secretariat are meeting to finalize the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Harmonized workplan. As the first plan collectively developed by all RBM partnership structures, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Harmonized workplan will help to identify gaps in action and funding at global and country levels, and to ensure that partner activities are coordinated, costed, and in line with the five 2008 operational targets of the RBM partnership. The validated workplan and budget will be submitted to the 13th Board meeting for adoption.

Roll Back Malaria Partnership Welcomes Donor Pledges Totaling US$9.7 billion for the Global Fund to Fight HIV AIDs, TB and Malaria

Germany and Britain announce new International Health Partnership

27 September, Berlin - "This is an excellent first step towards realizing the US$18 billion needed by the Fund over the next three years," said Dr Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Executive Director of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. "To provide sustainable and predictable funding for countries' national AIDS, TB and Malaria programmes is one of our biggest challenges. Malaria alone needs over US$3 billion per year. Now is not the time to be conservative about our ambitions. Much progress is being made in malaria control and donors and partners alike can feel more confident knowing their investments are achieving results."
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Germany and Britain announce new International Health Partnership

Germany and Britain announce new International Health Partnership

5 September, London - Bilateral and multilateral partners, including Germany and the United Kingdom launched a new agreement - The International Health Partnership - as part of a global campaign to address the Health MDGs (Millennium Development Goals). The aim of the initiative is to accelerate progress towards MDGs 4, 5 and 6 - namely, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and tackling specific diseases such as HIV AIDS and malaria.
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PSM working group has a strong role to play in country support

5 September, Geneva - The newly formed Procurement and Supply Chain Management Working Group met via teleconference to discuss its workplan and mandate. The PSMWG accepted the Executive Committee's request that it should play a vital role in helping countries to forecast the necessary supply of malaria commodities, to ensure product quality control, and to strengthen supply chain management.

RBM Partnership Harmonization Working Group Meeting

RBM Partnership Harmonization Working Group Meeting

10-11 September, Geneva - The Harmonization Working Group met to develop a methodology to evaluate the support they provide to countries for their Global Fund round 7 proposals; to consolidate inputs for the overall RBM 2007-2008 workplan; to agree on an operating framework for the RBM HWG Early Warning System and the Malaria Implementation Support Team; and to define its role in the ACT subsidy roll out.

RBM partners, GLAMOUR magazine, and trend-setting fashion designers team up to protect women and children at risk for malaria

7 September, New York GLAMOUR, the magazine that reaches one in every ten women in America, announced today that a series of limited edition t-shirts will be sold exclusively on Shopbop.com with profits to benefit Malaria No More. For every T-shirt purchased, Glamour and Malaria No More will donate three bed nets to women in Africa. Bed net manufacturer Sumitomo Chemical will match the donations, making it six bed nets for every t-shirt sold.
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RBM Joins the International Community in Celebrating the First Anniversary of UNITAID

Germany and Britain announce new International Health Partnership

The Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) today called for celebration of the first anniversary of UNITAID, an international drug purchase facility launched in September 2006. Hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNITAID continually works to reduce the cost of high-quality AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria drugs for populations in developing countries. RBM recognizes UNITAID's work to increase access of malarial treatments to low-income populations.
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"Faire mieux et plus ensemble contre le paludisme"

10 September, Paris - Dr Coll-Seck participated in a roundtable discussion at a conference organized by the Friends of the Global Fund Europe. Political decision makers, private sector representatives, and civil society groups attended sessions on maternal and child mortality, poverty and malaria, access to antimalarial commodities, and the role of the private sector in the fight against malaria. The conference highlighted the importance of partnership in providing access to the many effective tools for malaria treatment and prevention, and in alleviating the impact of this killer disease.

SADC malaria week, 5-9 November

For more info visist Eastern and Southern African Malaria Control web site

AMANET Training Workshop for Data Safety & Monitoring Board (DSMB) Members from African Institutions
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 8-10 October
For more info contact AMANET

Launch of World Bank report on Malaria Booster Programme
Washington D.C, 11 October

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Malaria Forum, Seattle
16-18 October 2007
This Forum will bring together a multitude of Roll Back Malaria partners to discuss global progress and global challenges in malaria control.

Launch of a new UNICEF and RBM report, Malaria & children: Progress in Intervention Coverage
Seattle, 16 October

Third CARN annual meeting
Sao-Tomé, 12 October 2007
For more information please contact Dr Walter Kazadi



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Launch of Madagascar Integrated Measles Campaign
Madagascar, 22 October 2007
A variety of Roll Back Malaria partners are participating in the Madagascar integrated Measles Campaign, including Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Roll Back Malaria and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and South African celebrity. The integrated campaign will promote child and maternal health by introducing mosquito nets, vitamin A, and deworming medication to a planned measles vaccination campaign. The focus is on children 0-59 months, but mothers who have given birth over the past two months will receive vitamin A, and pregnant mothers will be given routine antenatal care.

Climate Change and Health: repercussions and responses in the developing world
Brussels, 22 October
The objective of this conference is to bring together experts on climate change and health, civil society organizations, high-level representation from EU institutions and ACP countries, and relevant UN agencies to discuss the implications of climate change on health and the ways to address them. Organized by the European Alliance Against Malaria, the Red Cross/ EU Office and WHO
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Progress Against Malaria: Developments on the Horizon
New York, 24 October
Hosted by the Malaria Research Institute at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the New York Academy of Sciences, this half-day symposium will highlight the latest research developments in the fight to end malaria. This meeting will include discussions of new diagnostic tests, treatment strategies, and malaria-resistant mosquitoes.
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RBM Working Group on Scaleable Vector Control Meeting
Basel, 24-26 October
Foar more info contact Working Group Chair Dr Don de Savigny and visit the Working Group web page

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