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More than 2 billion people at risk of P.Vivax malaria in 2009
29-31 January 2010, Shanghai, PR China

Shanghai, PR ChinaScientists from 11 countries, members of the Asia and Pacific Region P.Vivax knowledge-sharing network, gathered at last days of January to work on a common operational agenda for research and development policy to improve the effectiveness of control interventions against malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax.
Convened by the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, CDC, China PR & National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan, the meeting called attention to the increasing frequency and severity of P.vivax malaria worldwide.
Controlling and eliminating P.Vivax malaria is one of the biggest challenges for achieving the ambitious targets, outlined in the Global Malaria Action Plan (GMAP). Global estimates of morbidity related to P.Vivax malaria infection and relapse ranges between 70-80 million cases annually. The direct economic impact of P.Vivax malaria is significant as the disease affects adult, economically active populations in some of the world largest economies.
While important gains are being made in controlling the life-threatening P.falciparum malaria, research and development for P.Vivax control and elimination has been neglected for many decades.
To help advance research on P.Vivax in the Asia-Pacific Region, the RBM Partnership Secretariat highlighted two important RBM frameworks for research development at this meeting - the overall research agenda, outlined in the GMAP and the Malaria Eradication Research Agenda (malERA).




Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group (MERG) Meeting
27 January 2010, Cuernavaca, Mexico

14thy MERG meetingThe RBM Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group held its 14th meeting to review progress made over the last 6 months and plan for the preparation and release of a series of reports on recent achievements and outstanding challenges in malaria control. Mexico and Brazil shared their experience with fighting malaria in the Americas.

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Procurement and Supply Chain Management Working Group (PSMWG) Meeting
20 January 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

5th PSMWG meetingRepresentatives from more than 40 partner organisations and endemic countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the 5th PSM Working Group meeting of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM). Discussions focused on challenges and next steps in scaling up malaria commodities to reach the 2010 targets and achieving the RBM Partnership 2010-2011 Work Plan targets. Representatives of other RBM Working Groups also joined the meeting to ensure better coordination among the Partnership's different mechanisms.

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United Against Malaria Celebrates African Cup of Nations
7 January 2010, Luanda, Angola

As the country prepared to kick off the African Cup of Nations, partners and supporters of the United Against Malaria campaign joined together in Luanda to launch several television spots, featuring an array of pan-African football stars, and United Against Malaria youth ambassador Charles Ssali.

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8-9 February RBM Malaria Advocacy Working Group Meeting

8-9 February RBM Vector Control Working Group (WIN) Meeting

10-12 February Alliance for Malaria Prevention Annual Meeting

11 February United Against Malaria Press Conference

16-19 February Second Meeting od Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN)

18-22 February SARN NSP orientation workshop for six Programme Managers and NPOs organized by MACEPA

22 February APPGM: The Control of Malaria: where are we five years on and what are the priorities for Elimination

22-26 February Malaria Control in Humanitarian Crises Intensive Training Workshop

24 February Symposium on Health in Developing Countries

25-27 February 12th MPWG Meeting

1-5 March SARN Steering Committee Meeting

2-4 March RBM EARN Planning & Review Meeting


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