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Abu Dhabi Grants US$ 25 million to Global Malaria Partnership
9 February 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

Abu Dhabi Grants US$ 25 million to Global Malaria PartnershipThe Government of Abu Dhabi announced a grant of US$25 million, over five years, to support the work of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM). Specifically to scale-up malaria control worldwide and contribute to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015.
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"Malaria - Blood, Sweat and Tears": Photo Exhibition at UN New York for World Malaria Day 2010

Abu Dhabi Grants US$ 25 million to Global Malaria PartnershipPhotographs of Adam Nadel depicting the impact of malaria and progress made against the disease will be exhibited from March 15th to May 5th at the UN Head Quarters in New York. The exhibition was produced by Malaria Consortium with support from Vestergaard Frandsen, both members of the Roll Back Malaria Parrtnership, to mark a milestone year in which many countries will assess their progress in fighting malaria and scaling up existing interventions.

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FIFA shoulders RBM and the United Against Malaria Campaign in the run-up to the Football World Cup
10 February 2010, Zurich, Switzerland

In an open letter to the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM), the President of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Mr. Joseph Blatter, applauded RBM efforts to galvanize worldwide commitment to the global fight against malaria through football.
The United Against Malaria Initiative, supported by RBM, has united football stars, NGOs, foundations, governments, corporations and civil society to step up efforts to reach the 2010 target of providing universal access to mosquito nets, malaria diagnosis and effective medicine in countries at risk and help reduce deaths to near zero by 2015.

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Paris accueille la campagne "Unis contre le Paludisme"
11 February 2010, Paris , France

Paris accueille la campagne UAMMM. Roger Milla et Roger Zaba, légendes du football africain, ont présenté la campagne 'Unis Contre le Paludisme' à une conférence de presse le 11 février 2010 à Paris.
Cette nouvelle campagne a été initiée par VOICES et autres partenaires RBM pour sensibiliser l'opinion publique à l'occasion de la coupe du monde de football 2010 en Afrique.

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Private Sector and PMI Join Forces, Strengthen Angola’s Capacity to Control Mosquitoes
15 February 2010, Luanda, Angola

Photo by Georgina Goodwin, Vestergaard FrandsenTop global companies and the President's Malaria Initiative are working with the Government of Angola on an intensive technical training program to arm the country's malaria fighters with state-of-the-art mosquito surveillance and vector control techniques.
By aiding the sharing of these comprehensive technical skills and best practices in mosquito monitoring and evaluation, as well as providing training on how to use the latest malaria control products, the private sector will help Angola, which reported more than 3.1 million cases of malaria in 2009, move more quickly toward reducing the disease's deadly impact.

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RBM partners focus on preventing malaria in pregnancy through antenatal care
25-27 February 2010, Bali, Indonesia

12th MIP MeetingStrengthening antenatal care to prevent malaria was a commanding theme of the 12th meeting of the Malaria in Pregnancy (MIP) Working Group of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. Diverse RBM partners, including country participants from Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Indonesia and Kenya share their specific experiences, discussed technical challenges and research opportunities, and made recommendations for managing malaria in pregnancy in the Asia Pacific region. Refining the terms of reference of MIP Working Group to better address the needs of regions and countries was a key item on the meeting's agenda.

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RBM partners plan for progress towards the 2010 malaria targets
18 - 25 February 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa

SARN meetingMalaria-endemic countries in Southern Africa and beyond and their international partners gathered in Johannesburg to plan and coordinate action towards implementing the 2010-2011 RBM Partnership work plan. In three workshops, organised by the RBM Partnership Sub-regional Network for Southern Africa (SARN), WHO and MACEPA, participants addressed key issues around planning malaria program performance reviews, updating current national strategic plans, monitoring country roadmaps and preparing for high-level reporting on achievements in malaria control over the past decade.

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Ten Countries Prepare for Malaria Elimination in Asia Pacific
17-19 February 2010, Kandy, Sri Lanka

APMEN meetingThe Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) met for its second annual meeting from 17-19 February 2010 in Kandy, Sri Lanka, to adopt its new governance structure and 2010 work plan. APMEN is composed of ten countries that have established national strategies to eliminate malaria in the Asia Pacific region. Its main activities are focused on closing knowledge gaps through joint research efforts that address the elimination agenda, primarily for P. Vivax. Participants at the meeting, including from multilateral organizations, agreed that cross border control efforts and community engagement are key drivers to ensuring sustainable malaria elimination interventions.

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RBM Partners meet to define the way forward in malaria vector control
8-9 February 2010, Basel, Switzerland

5th WIN meetingMore than 60 RBM Partners met in Basel for the Fifth Vector Control Working Group (VCWG-WIN) meeting to discuss the current and emerging issues for 2010 and 2011 in vector control. Intense discussions set the scene for the newly created workstreams to move the vector control agenda forward.

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Partners meet to set 2010 global malaria advocacy agenda
8 February 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

5th MAWG meetingMore than 40 RBM Partners met in Geneva for the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Malaria Advocacy Working Group (MAWG) to assess key international advocacy opportunities in 2010. Participants focussed on RBM Workplan targets and deliverables and tailored malaria messages to target audiences in recipient and donor countries.

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