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Global Roadmap to End Malaria Launched at UN Summit

Launch of the GMAP

New York, September 25, 2008: World leaders gathered today at the 2008 Millennium Development Goals Malaria Summit to endorse an ambitious new Global Malaria Action Plan and commit nearly $3 billion towards reducing the number of malaria deaths to near zero by 2015.
The funding commitments will support rapid implementation of the Global Malaria Action Plan, an unprecedented new strategy, which was launched today by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership with the broad support of a united malaria community.
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The Global Malaria Action Plan (GMAP), developed by the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership, is the first-ever single comprehensive blueprint for global malaria control and elimination. It outlines strategies, costs, goals and timelines designed to build on the trajectory of recent successes in malaria control, moving towards full malaria control and beyond in countries across the globe. Heads of state and government, major agencies and private sector representatives, faith and civil society leaders have united behind this plan to ensure full coverage of malaria interventions by 2010 and to achieve near zero preventable malaria deaths by 2015 as a major step towards ultimately eradicating malaria.

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