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Table of Contents PDF version

Part I: Malaria Today PDF version

  1. Introduction to the Global Malaria Action Plan
  2. Partnership's Vision and Targets
  3. Global Burden & Coverage Today
  4. Funding for Malaria Today

Part II: The Global Strategy PDF version

  1. Introduction to the Global Strategy
  2. Control: Overcoming malaria
    1. Scale Up for Impact: Achieving Universal Coverage
    2. Sustained Control: Maintaining Coverage and Utilization
  3. Elimination and Eradication: Achieving Zero Transmission
  4. The Malaria Research Agenda
    1. Research & Development for New and Improved Tools
    2. Research to Inform Policy
    3. Operational and Implementation Research
  5. Costs and Benefits of Investment in Malaria Control

Part III: Regional Strategies PDF version

  1. Introduction to Regional Strategies
  2. Africa
  3. The Americas
  4. Asia
  5. Middle East and Eurasia

Part IV: The Role of the RBM Partnership PDF version

  1. Introduction to the Role of the RBM Partnership
  2. Advocacy
  3. Resource Mobilization
  4. Policy and Regulatory
  5. In-country Planning
  6. Financing
  7. Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  8. Communication and Behavior Change Methodologies
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation
  10. Humanitarian Crises

Appendices PDF version

  1. Acknowledgement of contributors
  2. Glossary
  3. Assumptions behind current burden, coverage and funding estimates
  4. Assumptions behind country implementation cost estimates
  5. Assumptions behind R&D cost estimates
  6. Compilation of WHO References

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