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Communication Community of Practice (CCoP)

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Fara Ndiaye, Speak Up Africa
Rob Ainslie, JHUCCP Tanzania
CCoP Secretariat :
Nan Lewicky HC3
RBM Secretariat Focal point:
Pru Smith
Tel.: +41 22 791 4586
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Communication Community of Practice (CCoP) aims to empower RBM partners at the country level to develop, implement and evaluate effective malaria communication activities to ensure the proper use of treatment and prevention.
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Accomplishments to Date
CCoP Brief

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Historic update:

In 2011 a group of communication-oriented partners, national malaria control managers, and members of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Secretariat met in Geneva, Switzerland, Washington, DC, and Nairobi, Kenya, to examine the current state of the art in Social and Behaviour Change Communication and articulate a Five-Year Global Strategic Framework for Malaria SBCC at the Country Level to mobilize political, social, and financial resources; sustain and expand the global movement to eradicate malaria; and foster the development of more effective SBCC programming at the country level in support of malaria control.

Nairobi meetingOn 26-28 July 2011 representatives from more than 24 RBM partner organisations met in Nairobi, Kenya, to develop a 5-year communications strategy for implementing the Global Malaria Action Plan. The strategy will focus on removing barriers to use of malaria commodities, which is key to achieving the international targets for reducing malaria deaths and cases. This two-day consultation has gathered a host of RBM partners, including PSI, UNICEF, URC, MNM, IFRC, C-Change, JHUCCP and ALMA, as well as representatives of the National Malaria Control Programmes in Burundi, Tanzania, DRC, Zambia, Comoros, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Uganda, Liberia and Kenya.
View the 2nd Consultative Meeting on the Development of a 5-Year Global Strategic Framework for Malaria SBCC at Country Level presentations

RBM partners strengthen community involvement in malaria control in Africa through behavior change communicationOn 2-4 May 2012 representatives of more than 13 RBM partner organizations met in Accra to collectively review the latest best practices and lessons learned in behavioral change communication in endemic countries. The meeting is the final step towards outlining a 5-year Global Strategic Framework for social and behavior change communication (SBCC) on malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment. RBM has been systematically investing efforts in developing an SBCC strategy to create an enabling environment for sustainable positive change in malaria control practices.
View Provisional Consultative Meeting Agenda.


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