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The RBM Executive Director

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The Executive Director is the global spokesperson and leader for the RBM Partnership, and provides advice to the Board in setting policies and developing strategies for the Partnership and is answerable to the Board for implementing Board decisions.

The Executive Director provides overall management and leadership to the Secretariat and reports on the progress of implementation of the Partnership work plan and the financial status of the Secretariat to the Board.

The Executive Director receives her mandate from the RBM Partnership Board. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board when it meets with respect to the progress of all Partnership mechanisms against the approved work plan. The Executive Director also reports on administrative matters of the Secretariat to a designated official of the hosting agency.

The RBM Executive Director is an ex-officio non-voting member of the RBM Partnership Board, the Executive Committee of the RBM Board and currently Alternate Board member representing the three Partnerships UNITAID, StopTB and RBM on the Global Fund Board.

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