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External Evaluation Task Force

  • Overview
  • Task Force Members

The RBM Partnership External Evaluation Task Force provides the RBM Board with recommendations on how to proceed in response to the External Evaluation conducted by the Center for Global Health and Development at Boston University. The purpose of the External Evaluation, submitted to the RBM Secretariat on 31 October 2013, was to understand the contributions of the RBM Partnership and its mechanisms towards the GMAP targets and milestones. Additionally, the results of the evaluation were intended to inform the RBM’s decisions on ways to address the gaps and challenges in the final years of the GMAP.

Functions of the Task Force

The Task Force will address the priority external evaluation recommendations and specifically how to respond to them with a focus on the following activities:

  1. Convene the task force members to review and discuss each recommendation
  2. Identify which recommendations are of highest priority for response
  3. Develop a timeline and work plan for review of the highest priority recommendations and preparation of pre-read for May Board meeting.

View Task Force's terms of reference.

For more information please conract Caroline Ndiaye

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