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Malaria in Pregnancy Working Group (MiPWG)

Area of focus: Insecticide-treated nets

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ITN demonstration at ANC in Rwanda
ITN demonstration at ANC in Rwanda. Photo: Kate Holt, Jhpiego

Notable progress has been made in the distribution if ITNs, but malaria control programs are still far from achieving universal coverage targets for the availability and routine use of ITNs. Progress toward achieving universal coverage has been hindered by a recent decrease in the distribution of ITNs over the last two years. ITN disbursements to countries in Africa have fallen from 145 million in 2010 to 92 million in 2011 and 66 million in 2012 (World Malaria Report, 2012), respectively, and countries are now beginning to feel the impact of reduced resources and are developing strategies for prioritizing ITNs. This is an important moment for malaria control and reproductive health programs to jointly advocate that pregnant women are seen as a priority and that advances made in integrating ITN delivery into ANC services are sustained.

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