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RBM Partnership Secretariat

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The Secretariat facilitates the implementation of RBM Partnership work plans. It carries out the day-to-day operations of RBM in terms of administration and operations in pursuit of the Partnership's goals and objectives.

Based on the Partnership priorities established by the Board, the Secretariat coordinates and supports the development of work plans & budgets to present to the Board for its approval.

The Secretariat's core functions and services include the following activities:

  1. Facilitation to identify problems and bottlenecks and to facilitate the response.
  2. Interfacing to ensure that the Partnership and its mechanisms work effectively together.
  3. Management support to convene mechanism meetings, including working groups and the Board, as well as to prepare agendas, work plans, budgets and reports.
  4. Expert advice to the Partnership and its mechanisms, including on implementation support, consensus building or global governance.
  5. Progress tracking of the activities of Partnership mechanisms against Board approved work plans.
  6. Advocacy to ensure malaria remains high on the development agenda and additional resources are accessed.

The RBM Partnership Secretariat is functionally accountable to the Board and administratively accountable to the hosting agency, the World Health Organization (WHO).


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