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Vector Control Working Group (VCWG)

Optimizing Evidence for Vector Control Interventions Work Stream

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Prof Christian Lengeler, Swiss TPH, Switzerland
Dr John Gimnig, CDC, USA
Working Group Secretariat:
Dr Konstantina Boutsika (Swiss TPH)
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This group (previously known as 'Optimal Choice of Vector Control Methods') is coordinating evidence from current field trials to optimize investments in combinations such as LLINs and IRS, and on new product categories such as durable wall linings. In the future they will work on protocols and products for area risk mapping and stratification.

Vector control
Photos : Multicentre Studies of Durable Lining in Africa & Asia: Entomological Efficacy and User Acceptance During One Year of Field Use. Presentation of Louisa Messenger, Mark Rowland, Richard Allan, John Thomas; Early version of the A net, Western Kenya, photo by Ole Skovmand
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