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RBM GMAP cover

World leaders and the global malaria community gathered on occasion of the 2008 MDG Malaria Summit on September 25, 2008, in New York to endorse an ambitious Global Malaria Action Plan - GMAP.

The GMAP provides a global framework for action around which partners can coordinate their efforts. The GMAP presents (i) a comprehensive overview of the global malaria landscape, (ii) an evidence-based approach to deliver effective prevention and treatment to all people at risk and (iii) an estimate of the annual funding needs to achieve the goals of the RBM Partnership for 2010, 2015 and beyond.

The GMAP outlines the RBM Partnership's vision for a substantial and sustained reduction in the burden of malaria in the near and mid-term, and the eventual global eradication of malaria in the long term, when new tools make eradication possible. To reach this vision, the targets of the GMAP are to:

To achieve these targets, the GMAP outlines a three-part global strategy:

  1. control malaria to reduce the current burden and sustain control as long as necessary,
  2. eliminate malaria over time country by country and
  3. research new tools and approaches to support global control and elimination efforts.

The GMAP is a living document: as approaches and tools evolve to fight malaria, so will the plan. In 2015 RBM plans to launch the second generation Global Malaria Action Plan (GMAP2). Information on the development process and how to become involved can be found here.

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