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RBM Toolbox: Introduction

RBM Toolbox
RBM Toolbox

To strengthen malaria-endemic country capacity, the RBM Partnership is offering through the RBM Toolbox existing "tools" (broadly defined) to help national programme managers, their teams and their collaborating partners to improve programme action and performance. The RBM Partnership seeks systematized, easy-to-use, and publicly accessible tools for capturing and disseminating proven practices so that successes in the field can be shared widely and replicated.

The Roll Back Malaria partnership has developed this Toolbox on the RBM website so that programmes and partners can access a wide variety of information from a single website to improve programme action and performance. The mission of the RBM toolbox is to collect and make available proven tools that can be widely shared and adapted.

This Toolbox section of the RBM website is intended to be a sharing opportunity for all partners. Please use the contact information provided with each tool to get additional information on appropriate use and to provide feedback about your experience with the tool. The initial set of tools found here will benefit greatly from use, adaptation, improvement and further refining and sharing. Please share additional tools that you think might be of interest to partners by using the "submit a tool" button on the upper left of the page.

For questions on the RBM toolbox website, please review our FAQ or contact Suggestions on strengthening the website are very welcome.