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Advocacy and Communication

This section of the RBM toolbox provides users with a number of documents to help in different areas of advocacy and communication (A&C) for malaria control programs and projects. A&C are key to achieving and sustaining the scale-up of malaria control programs at the global, regional, and national level. A strong A&C plan will help mobilize resources, foster support among stakeholders and donors, and facilitate the sharing of important information. The following tools include guidelines for planning and implementing an A&C plan, developing and framing a message, and reaching a target audience, as well as a compilation of useful A&C malaria publications.

These documents have been collected from a number of sources, and RBM would like to thank all the involved partners, especially the Academy for Educational Development; the Change Project; the European Alliance Against Malaria; the Malaria Control and Evaluation Partnership in Africa (MACEPA), a program at PATH; the RBM Advocacy Task Force; the US Agency for International Development; and Voices for a Malaria-Free Future.

These documents are categorized as follows:

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More resources are available on the Malaria Advocacy Working Group (MAWG) web page, the RBM Global Advocacy Resources web page and the World Malaria Day web page.